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Where does history come alive? Right here!

This community is for anyone that enjoys learning and discussing historical facts, events and trends. Real History is meant to cover anything that has happened in the past, for example

...the development of the legal system in western Europe
...the history of disease
...the rise and fall of the Roman Empire
...Social Darwinism and the Industrial Revolution
...misconceptions/false stories perpetuated throughout history

Other wonderful ideas...
Discussions of conventional wisdom - providing sources that question it, and the discussions that stem from that

The eternal debates - Such as the US justification for using atomic weapons on Japan, etc. This is especially timely to anniversaries of said events.

Interesting anecdotes about history - Such as the bait and drown tactics that Napoleon used during the winter months of his conquests.

Discussing historiography is fair game in Real History, for in order to understand works on history, one must also understand the historian who wrote it, and often even the era in which the text was written. Historians and their works are therefore a welcome subject, as are discussions of society's changing perceptions of the past.

So Book Reviews - Reviews of historical texts and novels - are welcome, be they fictional interpretations of an era, an academic work (like Gibbon's Rise and Fall fo the Roman Empire), writing from the era itself (such as Plutarch or the Funeral Oration of Pericles, or even The Canterbury Tales), or biographical works. For those hardcore academic types, this is also the spot to discus books on historiography, such as Carr's What is History.

In other words, this community is about history as a truly three-dimensional entity, not just about facts and dates.

vickipedia (Not a personal journal; Posts entries from the 1888 edition of Chambers's Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge)

I should not have to remind people, but here's the requisite notice:
This is not a forum for airing out personal disputes between posters. Flames are a waste of time and are just downright annoying. Ideas are fair game, community members or other participants are not. Finally, this is not a forum to advertise one's person journal, pet community or cause du jour.

Also, do not post papers or unpublished articles on this site. This protects your work and removes the temptation to plagiarize from others. Such postings will be immediately deleted without warning.

This is also not a forum to get information to add to a paper or an exam, though clarification on something you didn't understand is acceptable. PLEASE feel free to ask about source material and citation of sources!

Everyone is encouraged to post tidbits, general information, and start discussions!


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